Friday, 7 January 2011

John Pilger interviews Julian Assange

A few excerpts from the interview:
Julian Assange: "There have been 7 Reuters journalists in Baghdad and all of them have been killed by US military fire."

Julian Assange: "These people [civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan] are shot in the same way that an everyday person walks over ants in the street because they just seem to be irrelevant, they don't complain, there's no disciplinary procedure. So as the war goes along, civilians do become just as something to get rid off."

Julian Assange: "We have acquired records of 6 years of civilian kills in Iraq and Afganistan, not just the big ones where there's 100 people killed, but rather these sort of everyday incidences... there's hundreds and hundreds of those 'small' incidents."

John Pilger: "The propaganda efforts of governments has become vast. I read an AP investigation that said the US had spent $7.4 billion over the last 5 years basically winning hearts and minds not of the enemy but of its own people. Information war has never been more important."

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