Thursday, 12 August 2010


Seeds of infinite possibility,
into a dungeon of delusion.

Slaves to insatiable dread,
by forgetfulness of their origins.

Coldly use, betray and abandon
depths of sentience.

Blindly seeking themselves,
shredded hearts pave their paths.

Reaching for Truth
eternally searching,
perpetually trapped.

AL 12/8/10

Thursday, 5 August 2010


Picked up a Pebble
it was smoothly bright
made his heart tremble,
never felt so right.

Dazzled by Its essence
he had found home
as if in adolescence
falling in love syndrome.

Without asking a question
and assuming mutual attraction
became the inevitable obsession,
main source of satisfaction.

Never lost from vision,
admired Its countless strengths,
Its stunning light emission,
along all Its lengths.

One sad gloomy night
noticed a small crack
the shock, the fright,
felt like an attack.

Filled with great gratitude
for having found love
tried ignoring Its attitude,
tried to rise above.

But he was weak
and the wee break
started to look bleak,
despite it being fake.

Until the inevitable arrived,
from squeezing too strong
It had not thrived,
was sad too long.

In fear and pain
the final wrath strike
how unfair, how insane
It slipped in dislike.

Under abysmal irreversible damage
It had to return,
wished It bon voyage
repressing his own heartburn.

Realizing what he wasted,
how profound the upset,
wished it had lasted,
too late to regret.

Rhymes describe the experience,
superficiality of the observable,
never the true grievance,
the feelings, the Pebble.

AL 28/7/10