Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hungry Beast educates by animation

The Australian TV show Hungry Beast is "a cross between a current affairs program and a sketch comedy show". Allegedly, the presenters editorial instruction was: "tell us something we don't know". And heck, have they delivered!

I particularly enjoy the short animation segments. Each is a sort of concentrated education pill which usually ends with the "shocking revelation" side effect. This far, they have done one on WikiLeaks, one on Obama's entourage, another on internet censorship and several exposing the influence and wastefulness of public resources by the military industrial complex, such as in this outrageous example of the Australian submarine fleet.

Hungry Beast has found an interesting and engaging way to inform, and here I leave you with a few examples, both prime results of globalization and (possibly) a scarily snapshot of what's to come in the future. The first is about "Serco - The biggest company you've never heard off" and the second about our bigger brother Google. Sit tight.

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