Monday, 28 May 2007

Corpo-government prostitution

I got quite angry after my previous post, which prompted me to research a little more into the subject of beverage additives. I found out that the beverages industry and some health organizations have been well aware of the dangers of certain additives since the late 80's but never told the public! At the time nothing was done because "...the beverage industry told the government it would handle the problem and the FDA [Food and Drug Administration of US] thought the problem was solved."

This makes me wonder... how many times does any government assume for 16 years that someone is following their promises about something that is affecting the health of (and maybe even killing) millions of people worldwide? Apparently this isn't unusual if you are a corporation.

Also, which government would trust its own citizens if we all said - "don't worry govy, I know I've been a bad boy but I promise promise promise that I'll pay my taxes next week." - erm... none that I know!

So I ask, why do governments seem to trust the mega huge corporations that run the world today?! Oops, maybe the answer is in the question itself.

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