Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The Resident's Vlog

Recently, while going through some You Tube videos, I came across some refreshing alternative videos of The Resident. The delightful Lori Harfenist presents this cable TV Talk Show from New York, which has had so far "Over a million views and thousands of subscribers on YouTube and Yahoo! Video"!

It appears to me that the main ingredient of The Resident's success is its ability to present and discuss important issues without being depressing and gloomy about it. Others may say that it is the bright and beautiful presenter's merit. All I say is, if that's what it takes to get people interested in things that matter, then let it be. :)

The following is one of my favourite clips of The Resident's Vlog entitled, Kurt Vonnegut is The Resident's People.

For more videos, visit The Resident's You Tube member page.

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