Wednesday, 4 January 2006

911 - A dolorosa verdade

"We realize there is no change for the better unless people unite to make it happen. This has been proven time and again throughout history. The most important societal improvements have always come from grassroots movements: The PEOPLE insisted. Remember, the politicians didn't lead, they followed, once they knew their constituencies insisted upon change." ~

O site fundado por Jimmy Walter une forças das mais variadas investigaçoes individuais, a favor da re-abertura da verdadeira investigação da catástrofe de 11 de Setembro de 2001.

O site contem um enorme agregado de evidencia que prova que os ataques foram cuidadosamente planeados e orquestrados pelo governo do próprio país.

Cada vez estou mais convencido que a realidade é realmente bem mais estranha que qualquer ficção imaginavel!


Solariso said...

Why should it be a painfull truth?!!

From the begining all World felt that something had to be wrong.
Come on, a president that keep on readying some Children Story after listening the tragic news??!!

In the airport nobody check the plains going out of the preducted course??!!

Too many questions, to many doubts that almost give a feeling that for sure, 9th 11 happen because USA could profit with it.

Weapons business, oil business, and now all other industries for the reconstruction of Iraq.

Ant... said...

At last someone that agrees that the offical story of 9-11 is full of holes.

Most people I mention this to, say straight away - "Oh it's just another conspiracy theory". People dismiss it or ridicularise it even before they see the facts. They don't even want to see the facts, people seem afraid to find out and to believe the truth.

Thanks to the propaganda in the mass media, they have lost all ability to make judgements by themselves.

People tell me - "I see it in the TV news then it must be true." - This is the sad mentality of our apathic humanity. At least this is the case here in the UK and of course the US.

Pedro, thanks for the reply and please help spread the word.

The facts exist, we just have to spoon feed them to people and stop them from being narrow minded.