Friday, 13 January 2006

Secrets of the Matrix

Last weekend I watched a documentary (or rather a marathon speech and presentation) by David Icke entittled Secrets Of The Matrix - "Live" at Brixton Academy in London.

Icke started on his quest to wake up the world in 1990, which started pretty much with his massive ridicule on the Wogan tv show. Those of you that have heard about this man, I can hear you thinking - "oh is this lunatic again". Lunatic or not, I find that most people make judgments based on the general consensus instead of forming an informed independent decision about someone's integrity and credibility. Those that give him a chance will most likely come out saying - "He does make some fair points!".

In his presentation David Icke offers a possible explanation for all the madness that has been going on the world right from the beginnings of civilization. And though even I admit that some of his stuff (such as about aliens ruling the Earth!) is a bit out there, I do find that a lot of it, specially the section on spirituality and politics, makes a lot of sense. But don't take my words for it, go watch it. If nothing else, at least for the entertainment value.

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