Thursday, 25 November 2010

Only the strongest guts will survive

Last night a dear friend told me she had watched a documentary, which really shocked her. "Oh my God, I had no idea! It's like a horror movie, except real! I have to share this with everyone." ­– she said.

This is not a uncommon reaction for people who manage to win the challenge of watching the Earthlings documentary to the end. Even the most courageous find it difficult to sit through the most extreme raw footage of the mistreatment (that's an understatement) of animals. But I don't think this is what shakes them the most.

What shakes the viewer of Earthlings to the core is the questioning of what we take as "normal", species discrimination or specie-ism. It's the undeniable proof of the madness of the human relationship with the rest of the animal kingdom. It is the revelation of the selfish savage exploitation of sentient beings by us, the self-aware animals, all intelligent, self proclaimed pinnacle of evolution on Earth.

And that's not all, at the end, the moral weight that rests on the viewer's shoulders cannot be ignored. Something must be done. And this is why this documentary is so powerful. It breaks through apathy. It opens the hearth to the responsibility of compassion by exposing the true impact of our actions... or inaction, after you watch this. Do you have the guts? Here's the taster.

Make the Connection.

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