Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Guantanamo - Still going

Through his lawyer, Mr Odah described his treatment during his hunger strike.

"First they took my comfort items away from me. You know, my blanket, my towel, my long pants, then my shoes. I was put in isolation for 10 days."

"They came in and read out an order. It said if you refuse to eat, we will put you on the chair [for force feeding]."

He told how detainees were given "formulas" to force them to empty their bowels and were strapped to a metal chair three times a day, where a tube was inserted to administer food.

"One guy, a Saudi, told me that he had once been tortured in Saudi Arabia and that this metal chair treatment was worse than any torture he had ever endured or could imagine," Mr Odah said.

~ extract from BBC News, Guantanamo man tells of 'torture'

You can listen to the interview and hear the most unbelievable words coming out from the mouth of an American representative of the Guantanamo jail!

Can someone please tell me what makes the US above all law? And why aren't we all protesting about this? Argh.

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