Friday, 24 February 2006

Advertising's Purpose

We all take advertising as an acceptable part of our lives. Noam Chomsky's view regarding the purpose of advertising is way more sinister than most of us would suspect and yet very compelling. Read on.

"When you turn on the television set the corporation doesn't make any money. You don't pay them when you turn it on, unless it's cable! So the resources and the creativity and the effort on the whole television industry goes into advertising.

In fact, within the television industry there are words like "content" and "feel". The content is the advertising, the feel is the car chasing that keeps you watching until the next ad comes along.

But the advertising is there for a purpose. It's to turn people into creatures who's only concern in life is to max out their five credit cards and not to pay attention to what's going on on the world and let the rich powerful guys do what they want without any interfeerence."
~ Noam Chomsky

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